Monday, 29 September 2014

Travelodge Hotels

You might have guessed from the title today's post isn't about fashion but is about Travelodge hotels and your chance to win a nights stay !

Now if you follow me on other social media you will know that my love of a good dance often takes me and Lisa into different city's, and that's where Travelodge comes in. They have great rates especially if you book in advance and they have hotels in so many places that we can always find one near where we need to be so we never have to walk far. I always look for a good price when I'm stopping in a hotel because then I have that extra bit of money towards a nice meal or more likely a new pair of shorts!

Travelodge offer everything that I need in a hotel room, a comfy bed, space to strut my stuff before heading out and tea and coffee making facilities, because you can't start your day without a good cup of tea. Another thing I love about travelodge is that you can get early check in/late check out for £10 which is worth the money for me, as I'm someone that tends to be early for events or parties so having early check in mean I can leave stuff in the hotel without having to carry it around everywhere. 
I have stopped in quite a few Travelodge hotels with friends and the hubby and I've never had any complaints the beds are really comfy the rooms are always clean and the staff are happy to help.
So here's your chance to win a nights stay for 2 at a Travelodge of your choice just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below. Good Luck!
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*all images from the Travelodge website

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Red Leopard

Here is an outfit i wore to work featuring a super cute shirt that the lovely Lisa gave me. Lisa had bought this shirt in red and brown and i had totally fallen in love so when she asked if i wanted them as she wasn't going to get the wear out of them i almost squealed.


This shirt is by Lovedrobe for Simply Be and is a size 30, i usually wear a 22/24 in tops so although this is a few sizes too big i don't feel like it is. Which makes me think that if your going to get this you should size up once or twice depending on the fit you want.


I wore this to work with leggings, a cami underneath and leopard pumps all from Primark and all costing £3 each. So my whole outfit cost me £9 which is an amazing price.


This shirt had a dipped hem which i really like, i do think that if you had your usual size it might be quite high at the front. Although I'm wearing a separate cami underneath the shirt did originally come with one but Lisa had taken it out.
I really love this shirt so a big thanks to Lisa for handing it down to me, she really is the best !

Friday, 26 September 2014

Another Swap Gem

Here is another maxi i picked up at the clothes swap at Plus North, again i have worn it to work a few times as i find it so comfy.


Again i teamed this with my denim jacket,  when i was younger i wore my denim jacket with pretty much everything and i think I'm regressing to that stage again and i love it!


This dress was originally from Asda, I'm not sure what size this is but it fits well and the buttons don't gape too much thanks to the elasticised panel on the back.


This dress has a lovely bird print material which is sheer over a white cotton slip underneath. As you can see from the pictures its a little long on me but not too long so that i trip over it.
I'm looking forward to the weekend where i plan on putting my comfies on and watching lots of films with the Mr, what do you have planned?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Comfy Casual

I picked up this maxi dress from the Plus North clothes swap and since then i have worn it countless times. Its a size 24 which is probably a little big for me but i love how it fits me, and because it isn't fitted its perfect for running errands or a extra long day at work.


I have worn this quite a few times to work especially on days when I've been working overtime and i can confirm its one of the comfiest dresses i own. I love a figure hugging dress as much as the next person but sometimes i just want to relax in loose fitting casual wear.


I wore my Simply Be denim jacket with it as it starting to be a little chillier in the mornings these days and you never know what the temperature at work is going to be like. I really love these two together and i can see this dress getting a lot of wear.


Thanks to whoever brought this dress to the swap i love it!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Party All Night

Here are some more outfits i recreated from Plus North as the only ones that i had taken were mirror shots in the hotel room. On Saturday night we went back to the Plus North venue, where there was music and a surprise evening fashion show. I decided to be comfy as i knew me and Lisa were planning to party hard after the event.


I wore my G21 for Asda over sized shirt which is now much less over sized after washed it (only on 30 by the way!) and my acid wash shorts from New Look.


Me and Lisa had just got to the pub after the event and in walked a Sam,Amanda,Elana and then Kerry. It was so nice to see these lovelies had come out and were in the mood to party. And party we did, although i spent quite a lot of the time on the stage dancing. Lisa thinks i spend so much time up there is because there is mirror behind it and i can see myself! She could very well be correct :)
I had a fab night and i really didn't want it to end, these girls are so lovely and i really enjoyed meeting them and spending the night in their company.

The next outfit was a bit of a spare of the moment choice. When we went for food on Sunday with the Mr, the other girls came too and said they were thinking of going out Sunday night too as their coach back to Scotland wasn't until Monday. So me and Lisa never one to turn down a chance to dance decided to stay another night in Leeds.


And that's how the clothes swap dancing outfit was born. I got these lovely shorts from Emma as she knew how much i love my shorts. The top was from the swap and is a size 24 from New Look, it hadn't been worn and still had the tags on, so a big thanks to whoever brought that.


The top was actually much longer on the night and unless i was stood side on to you, you couldn't actually tell that i had shorts on. This again has shrunk in the wash ( i honestly don't know how i do this to all my clothes) but as it was a little on the big side to start with it hasn't affected the fit at all and i really love it.


We had a great night Sunday too although it was much quieter out than it had been on Saturday but it was lovely to spend more time with everyone i just wish the girls didn't live so far away!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Neon Daisy

Today I'm sharing with you the outfit i wore on Sunday day at Plus North, Sunday was a more relaxed day with a clothes swap and talks from fellow bloggers. I only stopped on Sunday for the swap as i was meeting the Mr for food with Lisa so i wasn't able to stop for the talks. I got some great bits at the swap which i will be sharing with you soon, i even ended up wearing a whole outfit from the swap on Sunday night.


The top was another piece i bought in the Manchester Simply Be store. Again its from Ax Paris but i can't see it on the website anymore unfortunately. I'm not surprised its sold out to be honest as its such a cute easy to wear top.


I'm wearing a size 24 here as i wanted a looser fit to really show off the swing style. The top doesn't have any stretch to it really so i would advise to get your usual size or maybe one size up if you do manage to get your hands on it.


I teamed this with my acid wash shorts from New Look inspire which are no longer in stock, and my trusty New Look jacket. I decided to take this with me to Plus North as i thought it went well with all my outfit choices and i was a bit stuck for space as my case is only really small, but it does look like a penguin so its worth it!


I think i did quite well at packing light for Plus North and i managed not to forget anything along the way. Although when i do forget something while packing its usually the most important thing!
I hope your all having a good weekend do you have any plans?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

In The Swing

As i mentioned in my previous post i didn't get many pictures at Plus North and i also forgot to take a picture of my outfit before i set off i think i was a bit too excited to get there!
Here is what i wore on the day, although it was really hot in the event so the jacket didn't stay on for too long.


This dress is from Simply Be and by Ax Paris. I'm wearing a size 22 which is a perfect fit for me, it is a really good length, short but not short enough to flash anything. Its such a nice bright colour and the collar is just too cute. Unfortunately this dress is no longer on the website but you could try your local store if you have one.


I bought this dress when i went to the Simply Be store in Manchester and this was the first time i had worn it out. I had been worried that i would spill something down the middle of it but i managed not to somehow! I hadn't worn a swing dress before this one but know I'm a total convert i love the style so much.


This jacket has had quite a lot of wear since i first bought it. It was from New Look inspire and a size 18 as i wanted a more fitted look. i really love how all the colours looks together.


I also wore my amazing custom made Black Heart Creatives princess earrings on the day too which i love!

Have you found a style you love after thinking it wasn't for you ?