Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Sad Time

Hello lovelies i hope you are all well. There hasn't been too much action from me recently, i had a very poorly kitty and sadly last Tuesday we decided it was time to put Buttons to sleep. He was an old man around 15 years and had lived with us for around 6 years.
So although it was a sad time i knew it was for the best and we had lots of loves and snuggles together, he had the loudest purr ever and it's weird not to hear that now although i have two other Kitty's who are more than happy to get my attention!
Now comes the cat lady spam (i will try not to post every picture ever that i have of buttons!)

Buttons would sit it silly positions then
freeze when you walked in like he got caught
doing something!

Time for my close up!
Buttons and Marvin

All three kittys together 
We took Buttons to be cremated, the place we went to is so nice and the people that work there are so lovely ! I have been going here for a long time with my parents and their pets. So here is Buttons urn, as soon as i saw it i knew it was perfect for him, stood looking very regal just like he did.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fast Food Tee

I mentioned in my post on Sunday that i got the most amazing tshirt ever from Primark. I love fast food so this couldn't have been more perfect for me.


I got the tshirt in a 20 and it fits well with a little room, it's quite thin so I'm not sure how well it will wash but it was only £5 so i can't complain too much.


The print of the tshirt is only on the front the back is plain white. I'm sure i will get a few looks with this tshirt on especially as a fat girl but i don't care I'll be the one rocking pizza, cheeseburger and hotdogs!


I wore this with my Claire Richards jeans which i seriously love, they are so comfy and i have worn them countless times since i got them. The are really comfy and amazing fitting so if you struggle to find jeans that fit then i would definitely recommend these!


I also spotted ice cream prints and sweet prints in Primark too if you're sweet than savoury and at £5 they are quite a bargain.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Little Pony

I picked up this jumper a few weeks ago in Primark and fell in love. I love My Little Pony so after seeing this jumper i knew it had to be mine. I wore it last week for work with my trusty Claire Richards jeans and everyone seems to love My Little Pony and kept asking me if they could colour in the rest of the jumper.


I got the jumper in a size 20 and it fits me but there isn't much extra room so I'm not sure it would work on much larger bodies but its always worth a try if you spot one in your local Primark. 


The jumper is quite thin so it will work for the spring too and for only £10 you can't go wrong. I have lots of MLP brooches so I'm thinking of adding one of those the next time i wear it.


I have seen online that there are lots of different MLP pieces in Primark but this was the only one i could find in my local one. Have you got any of the pieces?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Squeals of Excitement

A week or so ago i was casually browsing my usual online shopping sites when i spotted something on the Fashion World site that made me do several squeals on excitement and flap my arms about like i was trying to take off. It was a perfect pair of short dungarees, you might know that i have been searching for a pair of these in my size for ages!
I added them to my basket along with another pair of shorts which won't come for a week or so and waited with baited breath till they came.


As you can see they came and i love them!! I ordered a size 22 and they fit really well, if anything i would say they are on the generous side. They are quite light weight so they will be perfect for summer, although you know me i wear shorts no matter what the weather.


I wore these on Saturday to go shopping with Lisa and they were super comfy, you can alter the straps so that you get the perfect fit and the bottom has 2 buttons which i didn't need to use as i could slip the dungarees on without undoing them.



They also have plenty of pockets which makes me a happy lady. I decided to wear them with my glasses tshirt as i haven't worn it in a while and i do love the print. I think everyone should have a pair of these they are fabulous, they made me feel great and were so easy to wear.


I must say that Fashion World have an amazing selection of shorts at the minute i almost feel like they are designing just for me as I'm loving every pair! 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cocktails and Catch Ups

I met Lisa on Saturday for a browse around Meadowhall and a bit of a trying on session, i hadn't intended to buy much i just wanted some hair dye, as I'm sure you've all noticed my roots are bad and a black jersey midi skirt that didn't cost the earth. Ive seen some great ones but don't really want to spend £30 or so on it.
So what did i come away with ? I did get my hair dye and another tube of the amazing Bleach London hair mask, although i almost forgot it, i really should write a list! I also picked up these cute rings from H&M in the sale for £4.

Me and Lisa tried on a few things in New Look, although i didn't find anything that i loved so i didn't buy anything. How cute are me and Lisa as twinsies?!

I did strike it lucky in Primark though i got a jersey midi pencil skirt for £5 and the cutest acid wash pencil skirt for £7 along with the best tshirt ever its perfect.

Next up we went to Evans where i tried a few pieces on i did take some pictures but they didn't turn out that well apart from this one. This dress is from Scarlett & Jo and it was great fitting and even has shoulder pads. It was out of my budget for this shopping trip but hopefully i can get it another time.

Finally we finished the day off in TGI Fridays for a cocktail or four. The cocktails were so nice and the barman even made us one based on exactly what we liked in our drinks. Here are a few pictures of some of our drinks.

As always i had the best time with Lisa and i can't wait till we have our next night out I'm practising my dance moves as we speak ;)
I hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pop In Pink

Today's post is an outfit i wore out with the Mr last week when we went to do a bit of shopping, i had bought this Simply Be jacket after seeing it on Lisa and i new i had to have it. I hadn't had chance to wear it and i really wanted to so it was the start of my outfit.


This jacket is a size 22 and fits perfectly there is room if you want to layer it but its doesn't look baggy without. On the website the jacket looks a more dusty pink but in real life is bright and vibrant and in your face! It has amazing 3/4 sleeves that are slightly gathered, and its made from a really soft jersey so it doesn't restrict you at all.


I decided to wear my bargain New Look denim skirt which i got in the sale for £7. The skirt was really comfy and easy to wear as i walked around the shops. I thought the pink really popped against the black skirt as you can see from the picture below i really love this outfit.


I really wasn't sure what top to wear with this outfit then i spotted this peplum flamingo print top that Lisa had given me. She had got it for herself but wasn't wearing it so very kindly gave it to me, we often swap clothes and accessories its great to have friends you can swap things with when you no longer wear them. I decided to tuck the peplum in as i thought it looked better with the outfit.


I couldn't mention the Mr and not include him in my post so here he is looking super handsome.


And as its been a while i thought I'd include some outtakes. Here i am grabbing my boobs although I'm not sure why! and the Mr doing his hand on hip looking away blogger pose.



Monday, 7 April 2014

Fabulous Fancy Dress

I was contacted recently by Jokers' Masquerade and asked if i would like to review something from the site. Now there are so many different choices so it did take me some time to narrow it down but i finally decided on this Land Girl Costume.


I got the costume in a 2XL after looking at the size guide however i think the XL would have been a better fit. I'm going to shorten the straps on the top so the belt sits at my waist, i held it in place for the pictures but that caused a bit of bunching around the stomach. With a couple of stitches it will be perfect and it won't have the bunching at all.


Jokers' Masquerade have a huge range of costumes for all price ranges and they do have plus size costumes too. I usually wear a 22 and this is a 2XL which on the website shows as a 24-26 and I'm sure it would easily fit that size, and if you measure outside the measurement guide for the 20-22 as i did then i would give the XL a try as i think that would have been perfect for me even though I'm larger than the measurements online.


I really love this fancy dress outfit it came with the dungarees, white tshirt and bandanna and for only £21.98 you can't go wrong! They also have other 1940's costumes so if you have a vintage inspired fancy dress party the head over and have a look.


It was super fun to give fancy dress a try as i haven't actually done fancy dress without using my own clothes in ages! So if you need something for a fancy dress event or party then i suggest you head over to Jokers' Masquerade where your bound to find something fabulous! 
Have you dressed up as one thing recently ?