Sunday, 26 July 2015

Birthdays in Blackpool

Last weekend me and Lisa went to Blackpool to celebrate her birthday which was lots of fun. I didn't take any proper pictures as i was far too busy dancing most of the time ! but i did take a few photos on my phone that i thought i would share with you.

On Friday morning i decided i wanted something comfy to travel in so i chose my Ax Paris maxi dress and Simply Be denim jacket. I wanted something i could layer up if it was chilly by the sea but that would keep me cool in the car journey.

Brett kindly drove up to Blackpool and we went for fish and chips and a walk by the sea but it was so windy we didn't last long but of course we managed a picture!

We checked into the hotel and started to celebrate with a bottle of wine my mum had given me. I didn't get any pictures of my full outfit but i wore some black New Look shorts and a black and white shirt i got from Evans bout 2 years ago. The shirt is perfect as its a swing style and pretty long so i just wear it like a dress.

Kerry and her bestie came down for the evening so we all went out together and had a great time. We danced for hours and there was lots of laughter!

At the end of the night i decided Lisa needed to open her birthday presents while i took a selfie with my date for the evening Pizza! 

Saturday day when Lisa had started to feel more alive after her hangover we went for a walk around the shops and we found Iron Man and a princess castle to pose in so we were happy!

Saturday night i wore my BooHoo bodysuit and Forever21+ velvet skater skirt, it was a little chilly that night so i was glad for the extra warmth on my arms but a few hours later i was boiling after dancing my bum off on the dance floor!

 And here is me and the birthday girl getting old now just like me!


Friday, 10 July 2015

You Beauty

This months You Beauty box choices were made in a bit of a rush as I didn't receive my sneak peak email that usually sent a few days before you make you selection. I was a bit disappointed about not getting my preview email as I like to have a look into what's available and a few reviews and pick based on that.

My first choice was Oriflame protecting balm, I'm always on the look out for new lip balms and the fact you can use this for other dry skin areas sold it to me. I have used this as a lip balm and it worked really well it felt very moisturising and didn't dry my lips out like some balms. This is a full size product which retails at £8 and I do think it's worth the money as it's something you can pop in your handbag and use it whenever you need to restore some softness to your skin.

My second choice was Hairy Jayne Curtis hair perfume. I was really excited to try this as I like to refresh my hair but I'm not the biggest fan of dry shampoo so this is a nice alternative. I'm really pleased with this the citrus smell is really nice and it did freshen up my hair without drying it out. This was a 30ml product the full size is 50ml and retails at £12. This is something I would buy again and I look forward to trying out the different fragrances.

My extra treats this month were a muesli oatcake which has raisin in so its not something that I will eat as I hate raisins but I'm sure someone at work will enjoy it! The second extra was a sachet of Emma Hardy protect and prime I'm really excited to use this but I am going to wait to use it before I go out as it acts as a moisturiser and primer in one.

Lastly there was 50ml of the new ST Tropez in shower gradual tan, I'm not sure if this will ever get used but it's a really good extra as I know many people will use this.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Jewel Street

I was contacted recently by Jewel Street and asked to review their site and a piece of jewellery from it.  The site was really easy to use and there are plenty of designers to choose from, there really is something for everyone on there! It took me quite a while to decide which piece to choose but I was able to narrow it down by designer and by type of jewellery so I could see everything available to me.

The site has jewellery to suit every pocket from affordable pieces to high end expensive ones all as beautiful and well thought out as each other. I finally made my decision and went with the Aquarius rose gold necklace from Astrid & Miyu. It is a really beautiful necklace and it features my birthstone too which I thought was a lovely touch.

Unfortunately the necklace is too small for me to wear comfortably as I like them loose. The necklace didn't have the length in the description so I didn't know it wouldn't fit which is a little disappointing. I'm sure if you contacted the boutique about an item they could give measurements and maybe even increase or decrease the length for you. It's worth asking before you buy to avoid any disappointment.

The necklace itself is beautiful, it's a simple necklace that will go well with everything you wear. The rose gold and amethyst go so well together and the colour really pops against your skin.

Overall my experience with Jewel Street was a good one and although the necklace didn't fit I will know next time to get the measurements for an item before I order it. They even send a polishing cloth and a ring sizer which i thought was fabulous as i never know what size ring i am.
If your looking for a treat for yourself or someone special then Jewel Street is the perfect place to look.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Wish List

Its not long now before me and Lisa head off to Blackpool for the weekend to celebrate her birthday so i thought i would do a wish list of all the things i wish i had to take with me.

I wish i could get these in my size but they only have kids sizes! I'm shedding a tear right now,

This would be the most perfect daywear for wandering around and eating ice cream.

Being out for a long time often means running out of battery especially when you like to take secret selfies like Lisa so a portable battery pack for my phone would be perfect. This portable charger gives you a battery boost of up to 60% and is small enough to keep on your keys.

Both myself and Lisa will be in need of one of these hangover kits Saturday and Sunday morning!

I actually sleep with a cushtie pillow every night and i find it difficult to sleep without it so i could do with one to take with me.

I'm always in need of a new perfume and i recently fell in love with YSL Manifesto.

I have my outfits planned already for Blackpool but this dress is almost too cute to resist.

So i money was no object, and those shoes came in my size all these wonderful things would be coming to Blackpool with me.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

You Beauty

This months you beauty box has arrived and I was pretty happy with the options this month.
There were a few bits that I wouldn't use but still enough left for me to have to narrow it down to two choices.
My first choice was the Inika face primer(10ml), I love a good primer and it's the only thing I wear on my face when I'm going out so I like to try different ones as my favourite is quite pricey. This one goes on well and leaves your skin really smooth but it does have a pretty strong almost lemony smell which I'm not a fan of. If I'm putting something in my face I don't want it to have an overpowering smell so for that reason I probably wouldn't buy this item.

My second choice was the Exuviance triple microdermabrasion face polish(10g), i think this is a good face wash to use once or twice a week but it didn't wow me and i can't really see any reason for the full size product to be so expensive (around £55) my face felt the same after i had used it as it does after using a £3 face scrub. This is not something i would buy myself i think i will just stick with the cheaper face scrubs as for me they work just as well.

My added extras this month were Urban Fruit smashing strawberry, i hate dried fruit with a passion i see no reason for its existence and  avoid it like the plague but in the interest of trying something new i attempted to eat one of these, i failed. It was just as bad if not worse than i had imagined the texture was awful and it although its real strawberry i couldn't stand the taste. This is not something i will buying.

My other added extras were a Good To Go Anywhere 3 pack which included a dry tissue, a sanitising tissue and a wet wipe. I have had these in my bag just in case i need to use them, they are a great idea and something i would consider buying myself. My last added extra was 2 Clipper tea bags, one green tea and the other a red fruits tea, these are good just to take to put in my desk at work for times when i don't fancy a black tea.

Although i wouldn't repurchase my choices this month i am still happy with the box and glad i got to try something new. I still think that the You Beauty box is the best one around that gives you value for money and items you actually want to try.

Monday, 15 June 2015


I was contacted a while ago by the lovelies at Simply Be who asked if i waned to be part of their #SimplyBekini campaign, I said yes of course! I believe anyone should be able to wear a bikini if that's what they want to wear and no one should try to tell you otherwise or make you feel bad about yourself. Its your body and your choice and never let anyone tell you different!


Yes I'm fat and wearing an bikini and guess what they world hasn't ended! If you take issue with a fat person in a bikini then that's all on you maybe you should take a second to think why it bothers you and why your not out their enjoying yourself rather than getting upset over a fat belly and some cellulite?! I like to wear a bikini when I'm by the pool or at the beach, I'm not the best person when it comes to the heat so I'm all about the bikini and keeping cool.


This bikini is really well made and definitely worth the money as it is on the pricey side (for me at least) The top i got in a 40G i had never had a bra or bikini from Elomi before but i think i should have sized up but I'll know that for next time. The bottoms are a size 22 and fit like a dream, plus the plain black bottoms can easily be mixed and matched with bikini tops you already own.


I'm gutted that these pictures have been taken inside and not during some holiday somewhere in the sun while i was lounging in the pool but i will just have to dream of that holiday for now. If you are lucky enough to be going on holiday this year check out Simply Be's amazing range of bikinis and if your a little nervous or unsure give one a try, you'll feel amazing and look fabulous. 


And remember if you get any snaps of you in your bikini then use the #SimplyBekini hashtag i can't wait to see you all rocking you in the sun!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Flip Flops From Evans

I've had some terrible experience when it comes to shoes. I've had the sole of a ballet pump come away during work and I've had to try to walk around with a tiny thread keeping the shoe together, if that wasn't bad enough it was raining really heavy which didn't help my shoe trauma. My shoes just seem to die on me after a few wears I'd only had the below the pair a week when this happened!

The one type of shoe that never seems to work for me is flip flops again I've got some funny stories about flip flops gone wrong. I have had flip flops that have broken away at the toe post if this has ever happened to you then you know how hard it is to try to walk once this happens. And in my younger days when I wanted super cheap fashion I've bought really cheap flip flops that after walking for a few hours cracked on the sole and one half of the base started to come away from the other!
So I haven't always had the best of luck when it comes to footwear so when Evans offered to send me some shoes to review I thought I'd give flip flops another go.

I was sent these in a 5 eee and the sizing is spot on, there is enough room to get my feet in and not rub. I've inspected the toe post area and it's safe to say that these won't be coming away from the sole anytime soon!

These are really well made the base is nice and thick and they would be great for a holiday, for day or night wear. The flip flops have a really smooth padded base which will be good if you are waking around in the sun.

I think the flower jewel trim is a really nice touch to the flip flops and means they can easily go from a day to night outfit. The jewels are securely attached so you don't need to worry about they coming away easily and they stop before the top post so won't rub on your toes.
If I'd had these flip flops a few years ago I could have saved myself a lot of embarrassment and red cheeks as I tried to walk as normally as possible with a broken shoe! Evans have a great range of shoes at the minute so go check them out.